There is no way to make a difference between saved clipboard files in application's temporary folder. The location of this folder cannot be changed.

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Calendar programs just keep getting more and more interactive and versatile, and there are options out there to fit the needs of just servcie everyone. Efficient Calendar Free Portable Edition is a lightweight program that you can take with you on a USB drive or other portable device.

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Effortlessly manage all of your content on your Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch using Olive Tree's FREE cloud service. Open the Resource Guide to dive deeper into your study with the many commentaries, dictionaries and other resources that Olive Tree has to offer.

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With over one thousand effect combinations and the ability to modify each template individually, Xplosive really is an affordable solution. WebTest is an app for creating Fill-in, True or False, and Multiple Choice tests for browser-based testing and assessment using Test Servlets.

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Selecting any event in the list displayed its data in the bottom half, but we could also open, save, and print the event's properties.

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Assuming you won't get distracted by all the elements and you know exactly what you need, Teach2000 will definitely gain your appreciation and will help you save time when the evaluation period approaches (and none feee your students will realize you have a virtual assistant).

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The button can be optionally made to appear only when the mouse is over it so as not to take any screen real estate. Its position can be set above the traffic light controls or to the right of the green zoom button.